Nine West eventually stretched their shoestring to other articles of clothing, and accessories. Perhaps that’s why co-founder, Vince Camuto, bought what appears to be a massive homey Southampton shoe workshop; to preserve the original intention of the company and continue designing shoes for women. It’s said that he left the aforementioned property behind for another piece of luxurious property, which envelops an even large estate. The Jessica Simpson Collection stores, which have remained opened and active under Vince since 07′, must’ve been doing exceptionally well enough for him to fashionably house-hop!

Vince renovated the monstrous, and luxuriously convenient, 10,000 sq ft Southampton oceanfront while he resided there. There’s a time to be formal, and a place to be yourself and relax. The interior and what lies beyond the exterior enforce this cliche very nicely, all the while being elegant and high luxe. The kitchen, though, is simple and masterful. There’s detached parking, a large driveway, full authentic tennis court, large swimming pool, and detached romantic garden/walkway. Fireplace and library room are to name only parts of the bundle of amenities that are to be had with Wooldon Manor’s  7 bed/7.5 bath floor plan.

Address: 16 Gin Ln, Southampton NY 11968