Umbrella Academy’s Tom Hopper Reveals What Scene Was Almost Cut

A rumor was circulating.That’s one scene. The Umbrella Academy almost didn’t make it into season three.

We’re referring to the uncomfortable moment when Allison (Emmy RaverLampman) used her rumor power, which has the ability to control another person’s actions, on Luther (Tom Hopper). 

Allison told Sloane that she heard “a rumor” about her brother. Sloane was an Sparrow Academy member.Genesis Rodriguez). Luther begged Allison for his release. Allison used her power again, saying, “I heard that you wanted me to.”

Even though Luther at first succumbed under the control of mind, Allison was kissed by him, but he continued to use all his strength and power to end Allison’s assassination.

Complicated, right? It’s not surprising that Hopper said to CelebHomes News, that the scene was in danger.

He shared that it was an extremely sensitive scene. It was even discussed whether or not it would be cut.

The scene was then why it made it into the episode. According to Hopper, it highlighted the extent of Allison’s struggle, which included bouts of PTSD from the events of season two and the heartbreak of learning her daughter didn’t exist in the universe the Umbrella Academy ended up in for season three.