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Are you tossing around at night? It might not be you. Perhaps it is your sheets. The temptation to buy a trendy mattress on Instagram is strong. Or, you might be drawn to the blackout curtains that your friends swear have made their lives easier. Before you go to the extremes with buying sleep products, you may want to improve your sheet-y situation first. You could get better sleep if you have more comfortable sheets. Premium-quality sheets are a great investment if you’re looking to sleep like a baby every night and feel refreshed each morning. 

Take these Bamboo Comfort Sheets, for example. They are made by Bed Bath Fashions and designed to last, be stylish, and feel unbelievably soft. Bed Bath Fashions crafts them out of eco-friendly bamboo fiber blend, which is not only known to be more long-lasting than traditional sheets but is softer to the touch, too—even stronger than cotton, according to SleepAdvisor. Bamboo bedding can also be breathable which makes it more comfortable for sleep. The bamboo won’t retain heat so that you don’t get hot while sleeping.