Oprah doesn’t recommend this smart oven. You can see these glowing reviews from Tovala customers.

Shared, Love Tovala! Delicious and satisfying meals. It’s convenient to cook at home for me, as I have a 40 hour week. This reduces my grocery and take-out costs. You can have the perfect steak, or homemade biscuits or eggs within twenty minutes. There are no additional dishes!

One explained that he was in love with his Tovala oven. My husband and me love it! Working all day can make it difficult for us to get home in the evening and prepare healthy meals. Tovala saves me time and helps me plan, cook, clean up, and cleanup afterward. You can cook with it in many other ways, and I can even use the oven for other recipes. You’ll love it!

Tovala customers love the meals and say that the meals are affordable and delicious. You have a lot of options and they require very little preparation. The time it takes to prepare the ingredients and then to turn the cooked vegetables into a sauce is hardly more than 5 minutes. It’s the best, and it is worth every penny.

I don’t usually write reviews. Tovala has been a game changer in my life. Tovala is a lifesaver. I can cook enough food for two people. It is easy to prepare the food. It is delicious and fresh. It is amazing to have so many different options. Customer reviews have recommended Tovala.

A second person shared the following: “The Tovala dishes are great and so easy to prepare. Tovala was the best choice for me because it allowed me to have a meal portion that I could share with one person. You have many options and you can lose weight. Tovala oven is my new toaster. I can use it to make single-portioned recipes.

Others said it was easy and simple. Both the App and the recipe cards are great.

They are excellent and easy to prepare. These meals are simple to prepare. It’s a game changer in my life. A Tovala owner stated that she travels a lot so the Tovala oven is easily transportable.