Top Cabinet Designs to Take Inspiration From

Kitchen cabinets are not just about storage. They are an important factor when it comes to kitchen remodeling. A cabinet is like a crown jewel that brings different items in your house together. That’s why it is important to look for a design that will make a statement in your kitchen.

Although cabinets haven’t changed so much in recent years, there are several aspects that are becoming popular across the world. Most of the changes tend to focus more on space and color. Unlike before, designers are trying to create cabinets that accommodate almost everything in the kitchen area.

Besides, there is also an increasing focus on a streamlined appearance that focuses on minimalism and simplicity. Although simple and clean cabinets tend to be popular, some homeowners still prefer distinct and customized styles that make a clear statement.

You can check out inspiration from celebrities kitchen’s like Kris Jenner’s. Here are the top cabinet designs to take inspiration from:

Open shelving

Open shelving is a popular trend across the world. It looks very beautiful when you see it in the magazines. Open shelving is unique and stylish and can fit in almost every kitchen. If for example, you have matching sets of dinnerware or special items you would like to display, then this is the best design to consider.

Additionally, with proper organization and the right type of shelves, open shelving cannot be compared with wall cabinetry. Although some people may find it hard to let go of their closed cabinets, the truth is that open shelving comes with extra benefits. It introduces the aspect of light that creates an illusion of more space. Accessing items also becomes much easier.

Increased use of oak wood

Oakwood cabinets are quickly starting to come back into most kitchens and bathrooms. These were the most popular cabinets in the 1970s and 1990s. They are often seen in a honey spice stain with wild grain patterns. Most people love them because of their natural appearance in a home setting. They however disappeared mainly because of the rise of engineered wood alternatives for some time before making a comeback.

Materials such as painted MDF and wood veneer have now become more popular in designing and constructing cabinets. But just like in any other part of the house, many people are looking for connections to their parts and a renewed attention to vintage.

Color customization

It is a fact that homeowners are no longer interested in cookie-cutter kitchen designs. Most of them are looking for something unique that creates character and offers a bold stamen. Color happens to be one of the most effective ways of achieving that. A different color on a cabinet can bring about the aspect of uniqueness and set you apart from the pack.

As such, homeowners are opting for customized colors that perfectly suit their kitchen spaces. Currently, everyone seems to favor neutral colors such as yellow, soft greens, and grey. However, darker colors haven’t been left behind. Black, navy, and emerald are also popular.

Clean aesthetics

Kitchen cabinets have not been spared by the wave of modernization that has been sweeping the home décor sector in the past few years. One of the most visible effects has been the popular use of clean aesthetics when it comes to cabinetry constructions. This trend is projected to continue for the next two or three years.

The modern cabinets feature a recessed panel door that has smooth edge profiles with simple clean lines. The handles also come in the form of low profile styles. These types of cabinets are perfect for homes that have modern styled kitchens.