Top 5 Tips for Remodeling Your Master Bath

Far from being a dingy place where you can quickly “do your business,” a master bathroom should be comfortable, cheery, and even luxurious. After all, this is the place where those romantic, candle-lit baths are supposed to happen. A master bath should be a place of peace and tranquility, a refuge where you can calmly get ready for the day ahead. Keep all of this in mind as you prepare for your bathroom’s next renovation. There’s no single blueprint for a successful remodel, and everyone has their own preferences. With that being said, there are certain features that all homeowners should consider for their master bathroom. Keep these five tips in mind as you make plans for your remodel. You can also take inspiration from celebrities like Gigi Hadid

Install Stylish Floor Tiles

Far too many homeowners opt for plain white tiles because they think anything else would look out of place in a bathroom. In reality, bathrooms benefit from a bold attitude when it comes to flooring. Exuberant patterns and smaller tiles can give your master bathroom a vigor and verve that you never could have imagined previously. Vibrant flooring provides a great platform from which the rest of your remodeled bathroom can flourish.

Try A Double Vanity

A single vanity offers limited storage space and can make your bathroom feel cramped. Even if you don’t plan to have two people brushing their teeth at the same time, a double vanity is still worth the investment. Homeowners often underestimate the importance of storage space in a bathroom, and yet we all know how cluttered bathroom cabinets can get. The additional medicine cabinet will provide greater privacy and extra room for medicines, toiletries and more.

Use Patterned Wallpaper For A Bolder Aesthetic

Keeping in mind the old adage that bolder is better, why not install a vibrant wallpaper design in your bathroom? Plain white or yellow walls give your bathroom an unnecessarily antiseptic feel. This is your personal bathroom, not an examination room at a doctor’s office. A modern pattern that goes with your flooring will give your whole bathroom a pleasing new-age look.

Create A Gorgeous Shower Design

There’s no reason you have to settle for a standard, boring shower design. There are all sorts of ways to create a shower that provides for more enjoyable bathing while also making a bold statement. Custom glass shower doors are particularly beautiful, and they can be made to accommodate whatever size, style, and shape of shower you’re interested in. By incorporating styles and designs within the doors themselves, you can give your shower an elegance that will improve your whole bathroom’s aesthetic appeal.

Include Built-In Shelving

Never underestimate the need for storage in a bathroom. Nothing ruins the functionality of a bathroom like copious amounts of clutter. Your bathroom should include an assigned spot for your hair dryer, your brushes, and any other tools you use while getting ready for your day. Built-in shelving allows you to accommodate this need without compromising the appearance of the room. You’ll also be able to use any excess space on the shelves for decorations. Far too many people overlook the importance of artistic flair in a bathroom. Sculptures, plants, and souvenirs from vacations can all provide a bit of decor from a bathroom shelf. By giving your bathroom a sense of personality, you’ll make it more of a comforting place.

Remodeling your master bath presents you with an excellent opportunity to reimagine this important space. By following the advice above, you can create a bathroom with the style, functionality, and flair that your home deserves.