This costume will make you look like a queen! Grab your butterbeer and quidditch brooms! Harry PotterYour dreams can come true.

There are many Halloween celebrations.Right way—in Harry Potter-themed costumes, of course—and then there are muggles. This year, Tom FeltonWe were there to join in the fun, but Draco Malfoy wouldn’t be pleased with his choice of costume. 

Felton posted an Instagram picture on Nov. 1 showing off his personal photos Harry Potter costume to his nearly 11 million followers with the caption, “wtf dad?” Gryffindor fashion, the brave Gryffindor showed courage and bravery by leaving his Slytherin home for the frightening holiday.

Felton did a great Harry Potter impression, right down to the scar and glasses. Even though Felton is missing Hedwig’s, Willow, his adorable dog, wore a Gryffindor scarf so we’ll take that.