Todd said that they have been receiving “tens to thousands” of messages from followers since their June 7 verdict. He also revealed that they had received mail and gifts, as well as “people delivering food” at their house.  

Todd shared that “it’s the love so spread throughout this nation for our family that is truly helping us rise each morning.” It is a difficult time at the moment. 

While Todd said the couple was “grateful” for fans’ generosity, he encouraged their supporters to refrain from sending gifts and offer prayers instead, adding, “A prayer is the greatest gift you can give anybody.” 

Todd and Julie gave updates on the reactions of their children to the news. The couple were married in 1996 and have three children. Chase, 26, SavannahAnd 24. Grayson, 16. Todd is the father of his daughter, 16. Lindsie32. Kyle30, from an earlier marriage.  

The kids do their best. Todd explained that it was a difficult time for them to see the truth. We are still here. 

He also explained that he and his wife, who will be sentenced on Oct. 6, plan to record new episodes of Chrisley’s Confessions “for as long as we get to do it.” Todd continued, “Then Chase and Savannah will take it over and, at that point, they will be the ones that can fill you in on everything that’s going on in our lives.” 

Todd’s youngest daughter Lindsie, in an Instagram Story posted June 8, said the verdict was not what she had hoped and prayed for. She asked his followers to pray for her during this hard time.

She said, “I’m deeply upset for my son and all of my family.”