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When you’re a Marvel fan, there’s a good chance your closet and drawers are already filled with more graphic tees and hoodies than one actually needs in their lifetime. It’s possible that we have the same problem. Then again, when Marvel keeps releasing new shows on Disney+ or new movies in theaters, you can’t help but add to your collection. If you want to snag some really cute and unique graphic t-shirt or sweatshirt designs, Etsy is the place to shop. 

Celebrate the publication of Thor: Love and Thunder, We searched Etsy for designs that would look good in your closet. For instance, several pop culture-themed Etsy shops released new t-shirt designs for the latest Thor film. One that’s worth checking out is the Little Tiger Shop, who specializes in stylish, minimalist designs of Thor and all the other Avengers.

Check out all the must-have Thor: Love and ThunderShop Etsy for graphic sweatshirts and t-shirts inspired by graffiti.