Want to know what Amazon buyers think of the small crossbody bags you see here? These reviews will help you decide. 

“I recently got a new phone that won’t fit the purse I’ve been carrying for YEARS. The purse I bought had the same features as this one, with three pockets and credit cards slots. The bag is small but spacious enough to store all my belongings. Even with the bulky case, my phone still fits perfectly. Because I hate having to open a wallet to find the right card slot, I wanted another purse. The zippers are easy to open and take your money out of. Even though it holds all of my stuff, the zippers don’t take too much effort to open and close. The bag feels extremely lightweight and that is a huge plus! This bag is a must-have!

It’s great for traveling. The small, but powerful crossbody from Crossbody is well worth the money.

“Pleasantly surprised! It’s amazing! The best crossbody purse that I have seen. There are plenty of compartments to store all your belongings. Each compartment can hold three cell phones. Many spaces for money, cards of business, and debit/credit card holders. The smaller compartment at the front can be used to store candy or change. The bag comes with 2 straps that can be taken off to use as an independent device. Adjustable large strap. It is perfect in size

It’s amazing. “I’m not usually one to carry a lot of money, but I love this for running around.”

These bags are beautiful in gorgeous colors and can hold only the necessities for any outing. They are spacious and would be great for airport travel. The bag has an ID slot and several credit card slots. I also have room to store my small RFID wallet. There are several pouches of glasses cleaners or wet wipes, lip balm and a nail file. You can fit your boarding pass and tickets as well as your passport. Your phone and your passport should also be included. You will also find good-quality zippers and other hardware. Even with the protective case attached to its back and a ring stand, my Samsung S20 fit perfectly. Although my phone can be used through the window it is much easier to remove it for most tasks. “This bag is pretty close to perfect!”

“I love the purse and have bought it twice. The first purse was worn out for two years before I bought another. The purse can hold both my work iPhone as well as my personal iPhone. It also holds many cash cards, chapstick, and other small items like money. It can be worn across the body, and it is ideal for travel. I have two small kids, so I don’t carry a ‘cute’ purse/bag anymore. It was practical. The purse is incredible.”