Warning! This story contains spoilers Stranger ThingsSeason four volume 2.

Even Stranger ThingsIt has a sweet side.

Will is featured in the fourth episode. It was available on Netflix July 1.Noah SchnappIn a conversation with Mike, he subtly spoke out about his sexuality.Finn Wolfhard)—while using Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown() to act as a conduit. 

Will presented Mike with a painting he had made—which, in the season’s first installment, Eleven told Mike she assumed was for Will’s crush—and he used Eleven as a means of talking about his own feelings.

“Yeah [I painted this]. I mean, El asked me to. “She commissioned it basically,” Will explained to Mike. She told me exactly what I should draw. My point is that you’re leading us all here. You are inspiring and leading the party. You do that.

Will pointed out an armorial he’d painted and stated, “It’s a Heart.” Although it may be a little too close to the nose, that is what holds this party together. Heart.”

He continued to explain how Eleven felt about Mike and it was clear that Will was speaking about himself.