So Jimmy continued to prod Larry for answers and brought up 19-year-old Tricia Reitler. Larry was heard with an empathetic ear as he recalled her following him with his van. Jimmy shared his interview with Jimmy, “He claimed that he had murdered her and that he knew he would do it again.” Dateline. He said that he had buried his way through the woods.

Jimmy later said that Larry had been playing with wood black birds on the map of Indiana, Wisconsin. “I ask Larry, what are these things?” Jimmy, remembering Larry’s loud voice and imitating his high-pitched voice, said: “They’re little falcons that watch over the dead Jimmy. They do.

Jimmy wrote the following With the Devil that authorities believe Larry may have killed or kidnapped a young girl when he participated in multiple Civil War reenactments. According to With the DevilThe disappearances were also coincident with the times and the locations of the gatherings.

Larry DeWayne Hall, where are you now?

Christopher claims that Christopher is the author Needs who has interviewed Larry, the convict has confessed to kidnapping or killing numerous women, including 20-year-old Laurie Depies, who is still missing. However, without solid evidence or bodies authorities were unable to convict Larry murder.

Only one conviction held was that of Jessica’s kidnapping. He is currently serving a life sentence for this crime in North Carolina. His comment could not be obtained.

Christopher believes Larry would offer more details about his alleged crimes to investigators if he was granted immunity. Christopher stated that Larry could open up more about his alleged crimes now that his mother has died. True Crime Diary. Larry told me that he’s not the same person as he used to be when he kidnapped and murdered young women and girls. He said he regrets what he did.