Officially, the origins of Sam & Dean are being investigated. 

Supernatural prequel series The WinchestersThe CW has picked it up, The CW reported May 12th. This series will follow the lives of Sam and Dean’s parents, as played by Jared Padalecki Jensen Ackles, respectively. 

The network states that “Before Sam, Dean, there were John and Mary.” Dean Winchester as the Narrator. The WinchestersJohn and his incredible, yet untold love story are the best.Drake RodgerMary met (Meg Donnelly

Although the show is full of anticipation, there has also been controversy. Jensen is the show’s narration and Jared acts as executive producer. Jared didn’t know the whole thing existed. 

“Dude,” he tweeted when plans for the show were announced. Thank you. This is what I wished I had known about other than via Twitter. It’s exciting to see, but I am disappointed that Sam Winchester was not involved.