Ms. Marvel Cast Talks First Muslim Superhero in MCU

(Spoilers: Season one) Ms. Marvel on Disney+ ahead.)

Ms. MarvelJust changed Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Since their first team-up in 2012, The Avengers have been the headlining team of the MCU. However, the finale of season 13 on July 13, 2012 was a disappointing one. Ms. MarvelOfficial confirmation of the Marvel Studios next president’s team was made on Disney+ Kevin FeigeX-Men have been awaited for years.

In episode 6, Bruno (Matt Lintz), tells Kamala Khan his bestie (Iman VellaniShe believes that she may have more powers than those given to her by her family’s supernatural bangle. She is told by him, “Kamala. There’s something else in your genes like a mutant,” and he gives her a small snippet. X-Men: The Animated SeriesTheme song.

This is what does it mean? Kamala is the first known mutant to be confirmed by the franchise. This would make her a significant departure from her comic book roots. In the comics, Kamala is an Inhuman (another group of super-powered people), and unlike the X-Men, her powers were dormant until she was exposed to a magical mist.