You are all welcome! The Love BoatThe high seas are back, but this time with a new twist.

On Tuesday, March 22, CBS announced that they were updating the classic ‘70s show by transforming it into a dating show. That’s right. Called The Real Love BoatThe network claims that the series will bring singles together on cruises around the Mediterranean aboard a luxurious cruise ship, while they search for love.

Of course, it won’t be easy. 

The network revealed that the show would feature “Destination Dates, Challenges and Surprise Singles” to test couples’ compatibility. The indispensable crew, including the captain and cruise director will be pivotal in the matching and navigation of romantic (and often turbulent) waters.

This is what it sounds like Below deck meets Love Island. So count us in!

It’s not just about love.

The description said that after almost a month of sailing, one couple would make it to the last port. They will be awarded a cash prize and a trip for two with Princess Cruises as the exclusive partner.

The prize for successfully navigating the turbulent seas of love aboard a boat for more than a month is…more boat time!