The Duffer Brothers dive deeper into the Upside Down.

Stranger ThingsCreators Matt And Ross DufferAfter the incredible success of The Series, Upside Down Pictures announced the creation of their own production company. 1. On Netflix’s all-time Most Popular English TV List. The streamer claims that viewers watched over a billion hours of the fourth season premiere.

The company that will be overseeing the production and distribution of five additional projects, is bringing even more content to the table. What can they expect from fans? The Japanese anime are being adapted into a television series. Death NoteThe TV-adaptation of Stephen King‘s The TalismanBook, an stage production set in the world of Stranger ThingsA live-action spinoff series, and an animated version. There’s also an untitled spin-off series in the making. 

Upside Down Pictures will continue to “aim for the same kind of stories as the Duffers grew up,” according to a press release. Stories that are set at the beautiful intersection where ordinary and extraordinary meet, where intimate character work is paired with big spectacle, where heart triumphs over cynicism.