Murray Bartlett has landed his next big role. 

The White Lotus star has been cast in the Hulu series tentatively named The Immigrant. The Hollywood Reporter, Bartlett will portray Nick De NoiaChippendales was founded by Founder,. Somen “Steve” Banerjee‘s business partner-turned-nemesis. De Noia, according to the character description is “a charming and fast-talking New Yorker who knows he’s God’s gift to entertainment” as well “the person responsible to transform Chippendales in West LA from a male strip joint to a global juggernaut.” Nick loves drinking, drugs, women, men—and most of all, showbiz.”

Kumail NanjianiIs he stepping out from his EternalsBanerjee was transformed into Banerjee in a casual costume to play the role of Chippendales’ founder, opening their first club in 1979. Women flocked to the male dance bar in droves, prompting Banerjee to expand his empire—with the help of De Noia.

Their business relationship ended and Banerjee hired De Noia’s hitman in 1987. It took years to find Banerjee. In 1993, he pleaded guilty in federal court to racketeering, and murder for hire.