A man has been arrested on stalking and trespassing charges after allegedly trying to gain access to Taylor SwiftApartment in New York City 

According to NYPD Joshua Christian On July 1, at 7:20 pm, he was detained. The 35-year old had, allegedly, entered Swift’s neighbourhood over the span of three months. 

Christian, allegedly broke into a residential property at 11.05 AM “through unlocked doors” and then remained there for an undisclosed time. According to NYPD Christian “fled” the area after being asked to leave security.

Christian, who allegedly went to another address within the neighborhood less than three months after the incident and threatened the intercom on June 12, according the NYPD. 

Based on TMZSwift was the subject of his comments, according to sources from law enforcement. Another law enforcement source told the outlet Christian had threatened to kill Swift if she didn’t date him. It is not known if Christian was present in the area at the time of the incident.