Taylor SwiftHe made a magic comment, which just MightMake a few of her friends from the past feel miserable. 

The 31-year-old pop star was a Late night guest on Thursday, Nov. 11, where she and host Seth MeyersDiscussed her latest album. The Taylor’s Version of RedIt dropped at midnight that night. Taylor revealed that she is feeling calmer about this new version than the original. Red2012 

She recalled, “It was released originally around a decade ago and I was 22 years old. That release week was so stressful as nobody had heard the music.” The album has 14 distinct genres. This album has a lot of variety. It was a lot of fun to experiment.”

Taylor stated that Taylor wasn’t only worried about people enjoying the album back in those days, but she also was feeling sad because of some life-altering events. But this time it is different.