You may think that actor/performer Taye Diggs and actress/performer Idina Menzel would not think of letting each other go after being married to one another for a decade. But, the beautiful snowy fields of marriage and relationships always have a possible end. But, the separation could possibly be temporary. Whatever the case may be, we’re not worried about both of their well-beings. Diggs can resume his Private Practice, and Menzel has the “Frozen Fever.” Not an actual fever, but rather a short Frozen video following the events of the film of the same title. As for Diggs, he’ll be busy himself with a few movie projects lined up already for him.

Separate, divorced, time apart…..Whatever words describe Diggs and Menzel’s current relations leads up to the sale of their home in Studio City. It was sold last October at $2.555 mill. The nicely-sized 4,931 sq ft residency is ideal for both having a family in and living exceptionally. The house has everything a family needs and wants; sleek hardwood flooring (for easily dealing with those spills), living spaces for downtime and entertainment, large pool, and room for a big family BBQ. For mommy and daddy, there’s an office to be found and fireplaces to drink wine by during peaceful nights.

Address: 3121 Oakdell Ln, Studio City CA 91604