Warning: There are spoilers in this story Stranger ThingsSeason four volume 2.

Another monster has been created by the Duffer Brothers.

Stranger Things season four, volume two, viewers watched as Demobats—part-demon, part-bat creatures—attackedAnd killed Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn). Though Eddie purposefully put himself in harm’s way to help his friends—played by Gaten Matarazzo, Natalia Dyer, Joe Keery and Maya Hawke—in the Upside Down, it didn’t make the battle any less frightening. Eddie was left a bloody wreck by flying, massive monsters.

Bone-chilling stuff, right?

We are left to wonder where the Demobats stand among other frightening beasts. Stranger Things. Is it possible that the Demobats could be more destructive than the Demodogs from season 2? What would their chances of beating the Demogorgon, the OG bad guy? The Demogorgon must be much more vicious than the Flayed’s season three.

We’re lucky for you!