Gaten Matarazzo from Stranger Things reacts to Dustin and Mr. Wheeler

Sadie Sink may play Max in Stranger Things but that doesn’t mean she’s privy to every last detail about her character.

Nope, certain things remain a secret to the actress, including what the character wrote letters to her friends and family in case she died at the hands of Vecna. Sadie, who played Max, has a good idea what Max would have written to her friends.

“With Max and LucasCaleb McLaughlinShe said that despite their mutual love for each other, it can be so complicated because of the fact they are both simply really caring about one another.” The Hollywood Reporter, “but the love and care that Lucas has for Max terrifies her, and the love and care that she has for Lucas terrifies her, so she would never say anything to that extent in person.”

Then she continued: “So, I think through this letter, hypothetically she would probably convey some of the care and love she has for me in a really sincere and vulnerable manner.” Perhaps she doesn’t let go of her values when she dies, even if it’s writing on paper.