The Duffers will play a major role, but the pair indicated that they would like to work with another creative visionary in order to bring the spin-off to fruition.

Matt explained that ultimately the plan is to give the baton to another person, who will hopefully be really passionate and talented. Even the notion of Ross and myself, for example, flying a plane and then leaving it, just feels absurd to me. From the very beginning, you must be present. It is important that we find someone to support us in this endeavor.

The following is required before we can arrive at the new show. Stranger Things saga must conclude. The Duffer Brothers suggested that fans feeling burnout from the super-sized fourth season will be relieved when season five eventually premieres—at least initially.

Matt said that season four was not expected to last as long because it has a fast two-hour build-up before the kids get really drawn in by the supernatural mystery. It’s a great way to meet them. You can see what their daily lives are like, as well as how they adjust to high school. Steve is trying to meet a woman. All of this is not going to happen in the two first episodes. [season five].”