Some of the rich and successful may be snotty and off-putting. Basically, people you will never want to approach or be approached by. Then, there are rich and successful people who give. Conrad Hilton, who brought to you “The Hilton (Hilton Hotel),” created the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation with the focus of battling life struggles such as homelessness. His grandson, Steven Hilton, is the current Chairman/President/CEO. One could imagine how busy he has been. To encumber the man’s shoulders even more, Steven tried selling his house a few times as his schedule rolled on. Now, he can rest a bit.

The 4,430 sq ft home on Via Acero St. is the current owner(s)’s problem now. They’ve been trying to rent out the 4 bed and 5.5 bath spread. What’s not to like about the Malibu estate? It’s high speed internet-ready, has a security system, gated entry, personal garage, big pool w/ waterfall, fitness room, deck on the second floor, patio, screening room, nice furnished kitchen……Haters gonna hate!

Address: 28222 Via Acero St, Malibu CA 90265