One of Hollywood’s most decorated and recognized directors/actors, Spike Lee, may’ve fallen short on the Oldboy remake. But, his talent is well-preserved with Malcom X, 25th Hour, and Inside Man. Lee’s next project will focus on human beings who are addicted to blood, according to IMDB. Interesting………Setting aside Spike’s creativity, his 8,292 sq ft pounder is encased by fellow tall Manhattan structures off of Lexington Ave, and it’s demanding $32 million. The four-story estate was built in 1920. It remains to stand out like a sore thumb with white-painted walls and maintaining a hint of a spanish-style touch.

A major feature of this monster of a city home is it has a private garden that can also be easily transformed into an outdoor art studio, for the spring and summer time of course! You have balconies from all over that open up immediately to full views of the surrounding area and distant cityscapes. Whether the current asking price is too steep or not, you’ll be receiving much for what you’d be paying for; laundry room, library room, fireplaces, separate dining rooms (one formal and one casual), staff quarters, and more. Additionally, the 0.07 acre property is not very far from Central Park, subway stations, and a vast number of shops and places to eat.

Address: 153-155 E 63rd St, New York NY 10065