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After splitting from her partner of 25 years, Kody Brown The following November, 2021: Sister Wives star has revealed she’s leaving polygamy and her Mormon faith behind.

Christine said that she thought maybe it wasn’t for her. People. “Then I gave up on polygamy. Then I realized that I did not want to be living it. “I didn’t enjoy being married or felt like my worth was diminished.”

Christine said that she was in a plural marital relationship with Kody, his wife and three of his other wives when she began to think about changing in 2018. Meri, Janelle and Robyn.

The 50-year-old reality star left the family compound in Flagstaff, Ariz., for Salt Lake City, Utah, where she has found peace.

“We got here that night when I went to bed, I realized I was home,” she said. It was exactly like that. Then I could start all over. It was both exciting and terrifying. Because I was able to live my life on my own, I experienced hope for the very first time since long. It was incredible.