Nothing is quite like having a perfect kitchen. A kitchen that looks as great as it is functional will set the tone of the rest of the property. Some may want a great space they can use as an HQ for the family. Others want to be able to use it for what it was intended for: cooking. Either way, you don’t necessarily have to go all out, and there are some simple things that you can do to give your kitchen a brand-new look on a budget. Here are a few of them.

Change Your Cabinetry

One of the first and easiest things you can do to give your kitchen an instant upgrade is to replace the cabinetry. You can find some kitchen cabinet organization ideas and inspiration here. You’ll want to go for something extravagant this time, but this doesn’t mean you have to break the bank, you simply need to be more resourceful.

One option, for instance, would be to go for timber veneers. These will look just like finely treated timber for a fraction of the price. They will give your kitchen an upscale look almost instantly and you’d be surprised at how much of a deal you could get if you buy timber veneer at Cabinet Timbers. This is not only one of the simplest options you could go for, but it could add a few dollars to your property value as well.

Splurge on Your Backsplash

After your cabinetry, the backsplash will occupy a large part of your kitchen’s visual space, so you have to make it count. Our advice would be to go all out here. This is because it doesn’t require as much material as other areas, so you can afford to go for something a little bit more upscale. And consider putting in some additional lightning as well.

Get New Appliances

Choosing a new set of appliances could be all that it takes to give your kitchen a second life. You could go for the classic kitchen aid red, or something more original like a copper pearl or ice for instance.

Make sure to get as many matching pieces as possible, and don’t forget the rangehood as it will really help tie the whole look together. Stainless steel also works, especially in a formal black and white kitchen. Tangerine and white is also a great combination if you’re looking for something original. Keeping the rest of the kitchen white will make sure the look is not too personalised. 

Add a Portable Kitchen Island

Who said kitchen islands have to be immovable behemoths? Being able to switch from meeting room to professional kitchen is something a lot of parents will like. Fixed kitchen islands are also not something all people will like, so a portable island will allow you to show different looks and attract a broader range of potential buyers in the event you want to sell.

These are all simple and fairly affordable options for homeowners wanting to give their kitchen a quick makeover. Make sure to consider them all and only start what you can finish.