Shawn MendesWhat is your relationship status when you use social media? It’s complicated.

Though he’s recently taken a step back from Instagram, the superstar singer returned to the social media platform on Dec. 30 to thank fans for supporting his breakup anthem, “It’ll Be Okay.” Mendes (23), sent a message to his Instagram followers in a video message from his Toronto home. He said, “I just wanted a small video to say thanks to everyone who has been connecting to ‘It’ll Be Okay’ or posting videos. It’s just me and social media right now. However, I am surrounded by people who send me videos telling me about their lives.

Mendes confirmed Mendes’ split from Camila Cabello in November, went on to share, “When I make music, the ultimate goal is to be sitting there and have my own truth revealed to me. A lot of times, when I write songs, music is a tool that allows me to access a space within myself that I would not be able to through just thinking or talking.