Your heart desires what you want. Selena Gomez It is well-known that music fans long for something new.

It seems that new music may be on its way. Selena posted a TikTok on July 5 of her sitting at a mic in a studio. The TikTok was not a full performance by the “Same Old Love” singer, but it did enough to bring out the fans in the comment section.

A user commented, “She’s in STUDIO?” “SCREAMING RN.” SCREAMING RN.” “Yasss, please!”

Selena has not given away any details regarding when her new songs might be out, however she is not keeping it tight.

Only a few short days prior, TikTok Beauty Influencer was featured on July 1st Mikayla NogueiraShared a TikTok that featured a Selena interview about her Rare Beauty line. In the video, Mikayla asked her if fans could anticipate anything else from the makeup collection this year, to which Selena teased, “Well, maybe and maybe…some music.”