You might find this to be the most amazing. revelación This is Selena Gomez‘s year!
Fans have been collectively squealing since the 29-year-old singer earned a Grammy nomination for her Latin Pop album, Revelación, earlier today, on Nov. 23. Selena released the album in March. It is Selena’s debut project that features music in Spanish. Selena was nominated for her Latin Grammy for her music video for “De Una Vez”, which she premiered earlier in the year.
Selena has been upheld in the Latin Pop Album category of the Grammys 2022. Pablo Alboran, Paula Arenas, Ricardo Arjona, CamiloAnd Alex Cuba.
Selena received this honor seven months ago, after Selena had already told. VogueIt was something she thought about doing, and it wasn’t as difficult as making music. music.
According to her, it’s difficult to do music when people don’t always take you seriously. “I have had moments when I thought, “What is the point?” “Why do I continue doing this?”