Hear now! Hear now! It is! Not These are the things dreams are made from  

This Thursday, February 17, Hilary Duff took to her Instagram Story to share her reaction to a teacher’s viral video that asked students to identify early 2000s stars. The entire class could win pizza parties if they correctly identified the stars. This sounds simple, doesn’t?

Apparently not, because when the class was shown an image of Hilary as Lizzie McGuireThe students were unable to find a solution. One student can be heard in the background claiming that she was part the Disney Channel’s 2011 show. Jessie, while another shouted, “…Lindsay Lohan?”  

Let’s just be clear: How I Met Your Father actress was less than impressed with their lack of pop culture knowledge, sharing the video and writing, “Man am I happy to not have to be ‘good’ for kids anymore.” 

“Although Hilary Duff, also known as ‘Lizzie,’ wrote she before writing, “Floral pants have returned.”