Greg Mathis Jr.Long-term boyfriend for’s Elliott Cooper has a very special question for him on the season finale of CelebHomes’s Mathis Family Matters.

Elliott informs Greg Jr. that he loves Greg, and he wants to know something while he is at dinner with Greg Jr. in this sneak peek. Greg Jr. kneels on one knee and gives him a box. He says, “Take that.”

Elliott continued, “We have been together for quite a while,” as family members watch in anticipation. Together, we’ve seen a lot. I couldn’t be here without you, and with that, I wanted to ask, will you…move to L.A. with me?”

Greg Jr., his boyfriend proposes to Greg Jr. and the entire table laughs. A set of matching grills is contained in the box, one each for Elliott and Greg Jr.

Soon, the group realises Greg Jr. was involved and he suddenly turns to show his shining smile, proclaiming, “We are moving to L.A.”