Andy CohenA friend gave me some tender kisses.

It Live: Watch What HappensHost shared a photo of his dog in a selfie. WachaTheir latest reunion. In the sweet caption, the 53 year-old wrote: “Got see an old buddy today.” Andy smiles at the camera while Wacha kisses his cheek.

After Wacha’s 2020 rehoming, fans were thrilled to see their beloved duo again together. Porsha WilliamsFrom the Real Housewives of Atlanta wrote, “So cute.” A user shared their emotions with the following: “Wait! I’m not crying!” While another pointed out that the pair did the same amount of aging, “You’re both salt & pepper. Adorbs.”

It’s not the first time that the dynamic pair has been reunited. Andy updated his fans with a nice update in May. “Reunited to my buddy today,” Andy wrote. Real HousewivesExecutive producer wrote. He’s content to return to his former haunts.

He said, “He is happy, healthy, and he pissed on everyone in the neighbourhood.” God is great, Wacha’s good and life is wonderful.