Reggiani was dubbed the “Black Widow” by Italian tabloids, but she is more commonly known as Lady Gucci in more civil circles. wanting her ex-husband dead, livid over his impending marriage to a much younger woman and his $170 million windfall from the sale of his Gucci stock in 1993, two years after their divorce was finalized. He was also dead. She said that she felt happy, believing all her problems had been resolved.

But she maintained her innocence in the murder-for-hire plot, telling writer Sara Gay Forden in correspondence from jail, “Maurizio was a man that I had loved most, despite all of his mistakes.'”

Reggiani and four accomplices were convicted of murder after a five-month-long trial in 1998.

She was born in Vignola, a northern Italian city. Maurizio Gucci were both 24 years old when they married in 1973—despite his father Rodolfo Gucci‘s concerns.

“Be careful, Maurizio,” Rodolfo told him, per Forden’s 2000 book House of Gucci. I have information regarding the girl. Her sound is not what I like. According to my sources, she’s incredibly vulgar and ambitious. She is a social climber with no other goals than money. Maurizio: She isn’t the right girl for you.

To which his son replied, “Papá, I can’t leave her. She is my best friend.”

Reggiani convinced Maurizio that he should be more ambitious with his Gucci role. It was their union that he rose to the top of Gucci. Forden said that as a younger man, he had looked to Patrizia for support and to give him strength. However, as he rose to power, he became oppressed from her criticism.” New York Post. They divorced in 1985.

First sentenced for 29 years to prison, she paid $375,000 to kill Maurizio. An appeals court reduced the term to 26 and released her in October 2016. According to Britain’s Telegraph, a court ruled that she was legally entitled to an annual allowance of $1.2 million from Maurizio’s estate, plus back payments from the 17 years she was in prison, per the terms of an agreement he signed two years before he was killed.

“Maurizio always loved and wanted me the best,” Patrizia declared. People Magazine investigates: Fashion Crimes2018 In 2018. Incryptically she also stated, “I’m not guilty but I’m not innocent.” The events of the day were all a mistake.