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Priyanka stated that she has become more introverted as her career progresses. This is in order to prioritise her mental and physical health.

“I am starting to protect my self a lot more since I realized how important it is.” [the entertainment business]She explained that it takes out of your soul. You have to be careful and do your best. Don’t fall when you walk up to a red carpet, or if you make a poor choice or are having a bad day.

Priyanka revealed that Nick and she are also planning for the future. The actress, who has spoken about wanting to have children in the past, said that starting a family was “a big part” of the couple’s dreams for the future, adding, “by God’s grace, when it happens, it happens.”

When asked if Nick and she would mind slowing down their thriving careers for the sake of raising a child, Priyanka said that they were.

She said, “I am okay with it.” “We both are okay with that.”