Today it is no exaggeration to say the world is run digitally. The internet, powerful computers, new and revolutionary software, these have all changed the world. This has led to a lot of the old ways of life disappearing. Newspapers aren’t as relevant, ebooks are growing in popularity, print is losing its place. 

Although this isn’t to say print is dead, and really it is far from it. Many industries continue to use print today, and this can be seen through their use of printers. Today eight in 10 small businesses rely on a printer daily. Out of all business industries, 50% say they need a printer to even operate. Some use print more than others, law offices for example, although many still print daily.

This is only confirmed by the bustling printing industry at large. Laser toner has recently entered into popularity as it allows printing to occur faster at lower rates. Printers have also recently started to connect to the cloud and various networks. Print is ultimately desired, even when intertwined with digital services, because it is easier to read, and is retained more. 

Print is more than likely here to stay. It has been pushed out and improved upon digitally in many ways and markets. Although there is something people will always enjoy about a physical book in their hand. And businesses’ need for print likely isn’t going anywhere, especially in industries such as the legal industry.

Stop Making Your Business Printer an Afterthought