She said, “You’ve made me day.” Because you are so high up on the list, I don’t know what is next. So it is almost like “Okay, I’ll think about somethin’ else!” 

Pink said that Berberian was a fan who tipped Pink off and she marvelled at the story.

“You possess a level of bravery I do not understand,” said the musician. While you walk through this, you are bringing comfort to others. 

Berberian said, “I always say that I’m on the stairway of heaven now.” She added, saying she lived large before being diagnosed and had done “a lot of all things” (personally, professionally, and athletically).

Pink also shared that she often listens to her music first thing in the morning. She shared that most of her days begin with the song of choice, which is usually a Pink song. When I race it is always a Pink song.” 

Berberian said, “Pink. I love you. I love everything you do.”