Pete is not the only one. SNL Cast member that said farewell in season 47’s finale Aidy Bryant Kyle Mooney also took their final bows, as did Kate McKinnonFor the cold opening of the series, he reprised Mrs. Rafferty’s role.  

Since 2015, Kate’s character Mrs. Rafferty has been known for her hilarious alien abduction survival stories—all told in explicit detail—that are so funny they’ve made even Ryan GoslingBreak character from the past 

She laughed as she explained how she was “yanked up by some type of claw machine”, in her underwear, and finally landing naked in Citi Field at a Mets match after the extraterrestrial encounter.

Kate, the character in the sketch agreed to stay among the aliens for the rest of the film. The actress was overcome with emotion as she boarded the ship. She gave a short wave to the Earth and said, “Well Earth, we love you.” I appreciate you allowing me to stay for awhile. You can live from New York on Saturday evening.

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