Horrors in Los Angeles’ hills

CelebHomes News gives you a chilling look at Peacock’s new true crime series. The Hillside Strangler: Devil disguised. The four-part docu-series—which premieres Aug. 2—will re-examine the terrifying story of notorious serial killing cousins Kenneth Bianchi Angelo Buono Jr.Nearly a dozen women from the L.A. region were killed by their killers in 1970s.

“In Los Angeles, somebody or a team has been murdering girls—lots of them,” a decades-old news report declares in the trailer.

Soon, tension swept through Los Angeles.

“Everybody was really on edge and worried,” Dr. Lois LeeChildren of the Night is the founder of the anti-sex trading charity Children of the Night. They could become the next.

Preview: This tease gives you an intimate look at Bianchi’s arrest, and the subsequent claim that Bianchi had many personalities.

“If he was multi-dimensional, why haven’t we ever seen one?” Bianchi was once a girlfriend. Sheryl KellisonYou can ask questions during the clip.

However, law enforcement officers quickly started to question Bianchi’s story.