The Arconia is full of secrets, but Cara Delevingne—who plays the mysterious Alice on season two of Only Murders can be found in a Building—has no problem confessing what it was like to work on the beloved Hulu series. 

Cara did exactly that during the June 28 episode of CelebHomes’s web series While you were streamingShe explained that it was thrilling to join the comedy of true crime, but more so to have her star with her best friend. Selena Gomez who plays leading lady Mabel—well, that was huge.

Cara explained that “we never get to see one another as often because we are so busy.” She is an amazing person, no matter how well-known or unknown, to have the opportunity to spend so much time together and to also be able work with. Like one of the best actors I have ever seen, she is brilliant.

They are also working closely together. Mabel loves Alice, and Mabel even shares a romantic moment with Alice in the second season.