All that was once old can be made new.

NBC Announced Thursday 13 January that Quantum Leap may, in fact, return, as the network has ordered a pilot for the unexpected reboot. It’s almost thirty years since the “Oh Boy” announcement. Scott BakulaThe airing of a sci-fi-themed series was cancelled.

The original program aired on NBC from 1989 to 1993. Quantum LeapFollowing Dr. Sam Beckett as he is stuck in the past due to an error during a experiment, physicist. To get back home, he has to jump between people, places and times to correct the mistakes of the past.

Intriguing, right? But this isn’t the case for your parents. Quantum LeapThe new TV show description said that “a team of new people has been formed to restart the project, in order to understand the secrets behind the machine’s creation and the man responsible for it.” Not to mention, TVLine reports that Bakula’s involvement in the project “is to be determined.”

On the other hand, Bakula did tell the late Bob Saget in a September episode of the comedian’s podcast that there were “very significant conversations” about a Quantum LeapKeep on going.