“I’m never going into the studio to be like, ‘Right, I need another hit,'” she explained. For me, it’s nothing like that. If something is stronger and more overwhelming than I am, then I prefer to go to a studio. It’s usually a basement and has no windows or reception so that no one can reach me. The truth is, I am running. No one would ever have suspected that I had recorded this album. Maybe it was just that I needed to clear it from my mind and get rid of it.

Adele considers the making of 30 helped her rebuild her heart after her divorce from ex Simon KoneckiShe shares a 9-year old son with her husband Angelo.

It was as if it had really helped me to make this album,” she stated. It was really amazing.

Adele added, “I believe really, and I’m no being arrogant here, it’s just as if it was my hell but I really went back to hell.”