Now this is a group we’ll be starting a petition to see in a movie ASAP. 

The TikTok’s celeb roster was so impressive that fans could not contain their joy in the comments. 

A user said that “this video is iconic.” Another fan added, “This app has the most amazing videos right now.”

Although Nina is new to TikTok she’s no stranger to social media. Just a couple weeks ago, the actress shared photos of her dreamy tropical vacation with her boyfriend, and the flirty snaps were a vibe. 

“Coconut cocktail or coconut?” Nina captioned her June 25 Instagram post. There are two kinds of people in this world. Which one are you?

In the carousel of photos, the couple switches it up from one sweet snap of the two smiling on the sand with drinks in hand to a cheekier pic of the actress bending over and Shaun placing his hand on her butt.