Changing houses can be a costly adventure- especially when you have some distance to cover. Sometimes you have little say in where you are headed, but this article will make sure you can determine what you take with you.

Making your move easy and cost-efficient requires foresight and planning. Here are our top tips for facilitating your move across the country if you are a soon-to-be house mover. 


Hoarding items over the years is normal, but this does not mean that you have to take your old habit with you on the road. Moving can be an excellent opportunity to leave behind what you don’t need anymore. Not only will it provide you with a fresh start, but you save money by having to transport fewer items. While it is tempting to go down memory lane when rediscovering sentimental items, it is important to remember the end game – minimizing your possessions and going ahead. 

Before overloading your trash cans with unwanted yet still usable items, make sure to explore all the options- ranging from selling online to donating. The choice is yours, and here are some recommendations to make the most of your moving experience.

Share what you cannot bear

Changing homes also means saying goodbye to your neighbors and people that have shaped your day-to-day reality for a long time. Gifting some of your items to them is a great way to make sure they will not forget you too quickly. Otherwise, you can give something back to your community by donating to a charity. With pick-up services available, this has never been easier. Some charities even offer documents after donating furniture, which can serve as a tax write-off. 

Pack it, Wrap it & Track it

Ensuring that you pack efficiently is another key aspect of saving you both hassle and money along the way. While local grocery stores might be able to provide you with cardboard boxes for free (while helping out the environment by reusing), buying proper shipping material, such as tape and bubble wrap, will assist you in tackling your move like a champion. Don’t randomly put items into boxes. Some items might require specialized packing, such as household appliances. It is therefore important to make sure you pack them with care to avoid unwelcome damages. Keep track of what you store and where to avoid shipping off the wrong box or breaking items during transport.

Think about what type of move you are making

Once you can measure your belongings in boxes, you can estimate what you can bring along on your first ride to your new home. Especially if you are moving across states, you might not yet know how well your furniture will fit into your new place, making storing some of your possessions a sensible choice. This will provide you both with the flexibility to move around freely and ship your belongings afterward. After all, you do not want to move your bulky furniture across the country only to realize you do not wish to have it in your new home. If you are looking for a storage company operating across the nation, then StorageArea might be right for you. 

Did someone say road trip?

While the process of moving can be stressful, there is also plenty to enjoy. Listen to your favorite songs and get those old soundtracks out to make the most when on the road.