He was nicknamed Party Boy for his habit of performing stunts naked. UpRoxx revealed that the worst time he had while filming was when they scheduled three “dick” stunts consecutively. Jackass 3D.

According to the 47-yearold, “The first one was made as a balsawood penis for me to wear over it. And they then placed this woodpecker on top of it and let the woodpecker peck through.” The pecker would strike my pecker, and it was really painful. My pee hole was hit by the beak! It hurt so badly. The next day they asked me to put it into a mousetrap. This turned out to be a trap for rats. Third, they used a snake.

Pontius referred to an episode from the spinoff series as his most painful moment, and it did not involve his penis. Wild Boyz performing the Glove of Ants, an Amazonian rite of passage.

His explanation was that they put the ants (called bullet ants) into a glove and that when the boys are old enough, they put on this glove that contains hundreds of ants. These stings can be very painful. The glove can be worn during the eight-minute song by the Shaman. It can be stung many times and it was the most horrible, painful, and dreadful thing that I have ever experienced in my entire life. This is like being in venom for 24hrs, and you have no control over it. It was horrible. It was something that I wouldn’t do again.