Mike Clifford may not be a celebrity. However, his house in the star-studded city of Los Angeles is celebrity central. He stated that The Beatles inhabited the house while performing at the historical Hollywood Bowl. Clifford also said that English painter, David Hockney, lived there for 2 or so years. The list doesn’t stop here. It’s reported that the bat-out-of-hell, Meat Loaf, resided at the house on Miller Place. It’s also reported that Casey Johnson, daughter of the co-founder of the “family company,” was a resident as well. According to records, Mr. Clifford listed the estate in the middle of September 2013. The current status on the listing is “not for sale.”

Whether someone bought the 3 bed and 3.5 bath home or not, people would be in for a treat. This is setting aside the rich celebrity history the 2,368 sq ft casa will maintain for as long as it stands. The two-story home is very homey all-around, with the design of the kitchen and the rooms. It’s like an optical illusion. The rooms appear to be small, yet aren’t as small as one may think. The house has a comfortable library room and breakfast nook. This is where you can peek outside the window and have the privilege of looking down at nearby activity and what lies beyond. Other amenities include fireplace, appliances, basement, and pool.

Clifford’s house is certainly something to keep in mind when you’re looking to buy and can shell out $2 million or more. Actually, you should just buy Mike’s home, or one that’s very similar to his.

Address: 1385 Miller Pl, Los Angeles CA 90069