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Review: The Merit Beauty Minimalist – Perfecting Complexion Stick

One shopper suggested that you throw out all your possessions and get MERIT products instead. Merit products have been my best friends. I currently own all of Merit’s beauty products (except Day Glow and Flush Balm), love them to death, and never was a big fan of makeup. The product works great for my sensitive skin and cuts down on the amount of time it takes to put on makeup. It is also foolproof.I feel like I am back in control. You Makeup Minimalists, rejoice! My confidence. “I can’t wait for Merit to come out next!

One person said, “The Minimalist can be very handy.” You can simply rub the Minimalist on your face, and you’re done. It has a beautiful pigmentation. It is perfect. The final result is amazing and it can conceal or correct any imperfections I may have.

One customer said, “This is one my favorites products!” It’s amazing how just a few dots can transform eyes into luminous, rested and awake!

The product was loved by me. “Shade matches perfectly, the finish looks natural and seamlessly blends in with skin.” Less is more with this tool—it’s between concealer and foundation. They are right! Also, I am prone to acne and have not noticed any new breakouts. The skin tends to heal scarring from flare-ups.

Another person wrote that “I once wore a full favorite of foundation, but at 46 it was too heavy for me and was aging me.” Merit is my no-makeup foundation. This is what I apply under my eyes as well as in the corners and sides of my nose. It is absolutely amazing!! According to my husband, it’s the best makeup I have ever seen! We are grateful to Merit for your kind words!

The initial skeptical customer admitted that he was surprised by the great color, especially in my undereye area. It doesn’t cling to the skin or go away during the day. It’s perfect for use on short notice, and it lasts almost all day. Shipping was quick, which is something I always appreciate.”

The best natural coverage!” A customer exclaimed. It offers the best coverage possible! It is the best foundation. This foundation has served me well for 6 months. I have some black spots in my cheeks and it covers it in a super natural way. It is a great natural covering option if you are looking for something more subtle. It is also non-toxic!

Merit fans love this stick for contouring and bronze. It blends well and is so simple to use! It lasts all day. You can get it in concealer or bronze!

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