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Melanie Lynskey“A member of the YellowjacketsProduction made a series of comments regarding her body while filming. CelebHomes News was unable to reach the production company of this series for immediate comments.

“They were asking me, ‘What do you plan to do? They’ll get you trained, I’m certain. “They’d love for you to help with this,” the actress recalls being told during an interview. Rolling StoneThis article was published Jan. 15.

Lynskey stated that her co-stars were Lynskey. Tawny CypressCHristina RicciAnd Juliette Lewis Lewis was defended by her supporters and she even sent a letter to Showtime’s producers in her defense.

New Zealand’s 41-year old actress, said that she had previously suffered from disordered eating, diminished confidence and mood swings. She also admitted to having dealt with body shame online. Yellowjackets fans. Shauna fell for Adam, an attractive young man after she played her role.Peter GadiotSome viewers were not happy with the storyline and claimed that he wouldn’t be drawn to her.