Matthew Perry may’ve had a falling out with life. But, he has returned to TV with wellness and determination. He’s serving as writer and executive producer for a new TV series comedy, “Odd Couple.” Matthew Perry will be acting in it as well, along with another comedy series, “The Dog Thrower.” Indeed, it’s fairly self-explanatory. But, good for Matt for getting work and having the opportunity to continue being on our televisions. He may’ve received a bit too much work. Our Chandler Bing has been trying to sell his Malibu oceanfront on and off for awhile now. The 5,500 sq ft residency is back, remodeled, and redecorated.

It offers breathtaking views of the pacific from many rooms the house envelops. Enjoy such views as you cook or eat in the kitchen (kitchen is large, I must add), or take them in closer via the second floor deck or as you’re sunbathing by the pool. Floor plan consists of 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Other amenities that Chandler’s including in the $12.5 million price tag of his high luxe estate are attached garage, central AC, fireplace, hot tub, and security system.

Address: 3556 Sweetwater Mesa Rd, Malibu CA 90265