Miami is up there for being one of the top prime choices of establishing a residency for A-list actors and actresses, Matt Damon being one of them. He’s actually been maintaining an estate in Miami Beach for about 8 years, while living as close as possible to his buddy buddy, Bat Affleck, in California. Damon continues to be strong in Hollywood, with the new sci-fi/action film Elysium and another action flick that’s currently in post-production, The Monuments Men. Knowing Matt’s track record for being consistent with his on-screen performances and constantly working, we haven’t seen the last of him. After all, another Affleck/Damon project is long overdue.

But enough about Ben Affleck. Damon’s 12,705 sq ft Miami luxury-style expanse is quite remarkable. Judging by one of the photos, it’s hidden well more or less. The 0.55 acre property hugs the water nicely as it overlooks the downtown Miami area well. One could grasp much better views of the downtown area via atop the personal pool house, which also has a full kitchen w/ bar seating and an adjacent dining area that can accommodate 8 individuals. The pool is huuuuuuuge and is surrounding by a proper amount of good ole fashioned palm trees. The pool area is where you’d find a generous 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom guest house.

The interior is quite artsy. Each part of the house offers variety in color and design, yet they all shout out “welcome home” in unison. With a floor plan of 7 bedrooms and 9.5 bathrooms, various beautiful views of the surrounding Miami Beach area and beyond, and a wine cellar, you can’t go wrong. Just bring the dough!

Address: 6020 N Bay Rd, Miami Beach FL 33140